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Reviews Section
Cities of M'Dhoria by Mina

As long as you aren't looking for decent RP interaction, this is the MUD for you.  The leveling system is unique, the classes fun and versatile.  But the players are ridiculous.  All of the "good" characters seem to be drunk off the power of their positions and do little or nothing that is actually good.  All of the decent RP comes from the "evil" characters and never takes place within the boundries of the main city.  The justice system that you can expect from these good characters is guilty until proven even more guilty.  They lack subtlty, tact, and diplomacy.  Heck, there are no real "good" characters, just bad characters with different motivations.  Some of them just happen to have the "good" tag on them.  The players are rude to new comers, and very cliquey.  If you don't already know someone in the game, forget making any allies.  Common courtesy is a dream as is intelligent conversation.  The people in power seem to have their favorites and heaven knows how these were chosen. Questioning the decisions made by these favored will get you told that maybe this isn't the game for you.  The ones with the levels make the rules and woe be to those that don't like that.  My advice to anyone considering this MUD, get your character to max as quickly as possbible before trying to RP with anyone.  Then you might stand a chance, otherwise, you're just looking to be annoyed.