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Reviews Section
New Worlds by Tychus

Okay, probably one of the biggest player driven moves in this game just happened, and I'm taking the time at nearly 4am with work in the morning to relate a little to you all.

In the midst of political turmoil as a corrupt government official userping his power, a grand coup was set in motion. While the oily Seneschal oozed his way from the political nightmare he'd entangled himself within, a small rebellion force was gathering supporters in secret. Then, when no more could hold back the flood, the rebels launched their attack, hoping to destroy the Seneschal and retake justice for their beloved City of Gahlen.

The Battle was short, unable to break through the few soldiers that guarded the Seneschal, he escaped despite the rebel's best efforts. Quickly, those still holding all their limbs in one piece, fled for the wilds beyond the city gate, hoping to regroup and garner new support for their cause. Much arguing swept up the Populace of the corrupted Border city, and soon the event was on the lips of every citizen. Arguing, and turmoil stirred the waters.

Far to the south, their bickering could be heard. Gahlen's greatest and most infamous foe recognized the discord and saw a chance to deal a major blow to the city that defies him so often. In the midst of their confusion, the Warlord attacked the border town, hoping to take the city in it's moment of weakness.  The Rebels, though now branded traitors, instantly took to arms, standing beside the country men that had shunned them so quickly.  

The Battle lasted long into the night, before finally orcs and mastadons and Seige engines all broke camp and fled for their master's lands. Still the Seneschal rules in the Duke of Gahlen's place. Is he really as corrupt as the Rebels believe? Will the Rebels succeed and defeat him? Will they give back control to the Duke, when and if the man returns?  Well, I think it's time you made a character and got involved, don't you?