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Reviews Section
Lands of Aethar by Dirk

Since I first booted up Aethar almost a year ago now,  I've loved every minute of it.  Everybody there is a character, and I consider alot of them my family.  Near everyone is friendly, and there is always someone to help.  The remort system allows for you to create a character completely suited to your playing style, whether you like to be a tank, or stay in the background and cast.  Everyone has the potential to be awesome, and that means pvp can be heart-pounding.  There are some that have mkill down to an art form, and they constantly push the boundaries of what we can do, coming up with new strategies and ideas that help immensely.  Soon our outstanding coder will be putting the finishing touches on a shadow-realm, an alternate world that is classless and levelless, and pkill :).  Even if you don't stop in for the game, stop by for the people.  They consistently suprise me with how good they are to me, and I'll never find another group of people I enjoy being with more.  They ensure that Aethar will be my home for years to come.