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Reviews Section
Loutrak, the Land of Wars by Yves

Loutrak, the Land of Wars is in alpha phase. There are perhaps 0-7 players on at any given time, though I don't know how large the pbase is.

This means that new players can help shape the world as it grows. Have an idea for an area you'd like to see happen? There are positions open for builders. The classes and races are still being tweaked and the staff is very open to ideas from the playerbase. The druid and necromancer classes have had modifications made that started with new playtesters and their ideas.

The crafting system is large and includes, but isn't limited to: scrimshaw, dyeing, costuming, cage building, scuplting, distilling, mining, jewelry making, taxidermy, boat building etc... Those are some of the more exotic ones. Tons of items that can be made. I've noticed supplementary skills and spells that can customize items with color or messages on them but I've not played with them yet. The artisan class can advance in levels by only crafting items if they want to.

There is an arena to fight in against other characters if you wish with dying, or against NPC gladiators. This is from a player's idea as well.

There are places to explore and level in but they are not numerous yet. There are wood elf, dwarf, drow and Gilta starting cities (the Gilta hometown is pretty basic, its an underwater race) so far though there are plans for more. The drow city is open only to drow characters right now and is a bit unfinished.

This is a list of races and classes straight from their webpage:

# Player Races:  Drow  Dwarf  Elf  Fare  Gilta  Human  Orc  Tellaru  Troll  Wood Elf  

# Commoners:  Apprentice  Artisan  
# Bards: Bard  
# Clerics: Cleric Necromancer Templar  
# Druids: Druid  
# Fighters: Fighter Paladin Ranger  
# Mages: Mage  
# Thiefs: Thief  

I've played a paladin and a mage mostly though I've tried bard, templar, druid, artisan and thief. Paladin can be very self sufficient and healing comes in handy a lot. Mages have plenty of interesting spells, so many that one character can't seem to learn them all, which makes for interesting matchups against mobs. Still lots of playtesting to be done.

There are two player clans that I know of right now, The Troll Brigand Camp and the Artisan Guild. There is a whole clan system in place that I know nothing about as I'm not a member of one, but involves building a place to live, custom rooms, items, guards, skills, and spells that I don't know, etc..

I've found bug hunting to be satisfying as well. The staff is very easy to get along with and they listen to players ideas. Thats a key draw for me. Its fun to be a part of shaping a world. If you'd like to see what Loutrak has to offer, come by and check us out.

Yves, the paladin of Tridon