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Reviews Section
Children of the Night 6 by Itachi

COTN is a long-running GodWars/Dystopia MUD.  It has recently been put back up after being updated, and thus is currently building pbase.  So anyone can come and check it out without being picked on by tons of uber veterans.

Pbase has been substantial in past cycles, with highs of 5-10 players online during peak hours.  PK is very fun, following the standard Dystopia modus operandi, and there is long list of classes and races.  Hybrid classes are currently being tested and reintroduced, with four currently in place.

The learning curve isnt too steep, and the system is optimized for characters to build up and start PK without weeks of grinding.  Also, most of the players are very friendly and helpful to newbs.

So, come check it out... if you see me online, feel free to ask for help.