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Reviews Section
City of Ages by Orin

Okay. Here's my story on this.

On connecting to City of Ages, I created my charactor which is a streightforward process. Name, password, class. Done. Now I login to the game and I'm using a screenreader due to my blindness, so I connect and I'm in the newbie center. Fair enough. So than I ask on the ramble channel how to turn the prompt off because it was getting anoying for my screen reader to bear. So Alias tries and helps me. After he didn't know what was wrong after me typing help prompt (the help files are shit as well), so after not getting a responce after reading that help file and after asking again; Oh and by the way I did tell them i was blind, because I am, and I'm using a screen reader, and the commands were buggy as well. The command that was supposed to turn the prompt off didn't work, so I decide to deal with it.

So, i start kiling two barrels which is part of a quest. After doing so, I go south into this shop ready to buy an orb when...
Traer tells you, "I know who you are."
You tell Traer, "What? I'm a new player.

Which I was, I was connecting for the first time.

Traer tells you, "Goodbye."

And the ban was placed on me. So it turns out that whenever you ask for help, you get banned. Oh and he hates blind people as well and doesn't want me playing his mud because I'm blind. Like i said, the game is fine. But it sounds like Traer has some mental ADHD problem or some shit like that.

Alright. See you all later guys and Oh, feel free to try this mud and see how you make out. I'd love to hear your stories on this prick of an admin.

I'm just pist off because I've never done anything and he's acting like i'm a previousplayer!


Orin (Ories).

P.S. just some food for thought, Traer has a blind friend and he says it's too hard for him to play muds. Well yeah, maybe for him, not me. Not all blind people are the same, Traer. Just wanted to let you know that, dickfuck.