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Reviews Section
City of Ages by Orin

Okay guys, here's an email I got from Taer about how he didn't ban a blind person just because of swearing...

and by the way, we could be loud too...

on another note
there is a reason i keep replying
see our mud is so important to us that we weed though people doing interviews
see you are one of many people i banned quickly for causing trouble or asking for special services
they all play here, you do not
see the way i look at it is if you want to get into this mud, you are very quiet or you are loud and get banned
i find the people that are quiet are the nice ones
i have you swearing in my email
yet i never provoked you
which tells me, i didnt ban a blind person
b-bye Zodiac :)

I'm wondering what special services I was asking for, or what trouble I was causing? I was asking how to turn a prompt off. You don't get it, do you, Taer?

Oh well. Bye all and I'm sorry to annoy you, but just don't talk on the Ramble channel because you can't talk without getting banned apparently. So don't use channels for what he coded them there for.