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Reviews Section
Legends of Karinth: the Prophecy of Chaos by Dique

Legends of Karinth IS different. I know, we have heard this so many times, so many muds promising all these never before seen features and the moment you log onto all you see is: stock! boredom! bad rp! weird imms!

I havn't played LOK for very long but so i have just scratched the surface of features but let me tell you something about the things i like most on this mud:

*freedom in character creation - you CAN(!) be everything. LoK has no classes. you can learn every skill, combine the skills YOU want. it has lots of skills, which can be trained at skilltrainers all over the place. whatever choice you make, it was your choice.

*this mud is newbie friendly! when you log on for the first time, everyone greets you, the imms help you, the questions on the q/a channel get answered. nobody (yes, NOBODY!) is rude, you can ask every question. there is a training-house especially for newbies with some mobs to kill, mobs designed to help you, some quests, trainers, equipment. you'll probably make your first friends in there. you can become involved in rp from the very beginning. no elite players that don't care about newbies.

*the imms, i mentioned it before, but the imms, everyone of them, are great! they work so hard. sometimes i get the impression that they are logged in 24/7. they answer your questions, they are nice and caring. hardworking. the mud is, i believe, still beta, but new things are added every day. from small code changes to new features/areas. and there is so much to see already. as i said, the imms are great people!!!

*spell system: make your own spells! no joke! blind your enemy and kick their butts with some menacing magic all in one spell. it's up to you! it's even up to you to name this spell!

*you can earn experience by roleplaying! so killing mobs is not essential for levelling!)
turn on your rp-flag and there you go! if you are more into hacknslash! no problem. over a million rooms with countless creatures, monsters (and yes, if you can roleplay it: players) to kill! you'll never get tired.

as i said it's still in beta. i think they are planning to add some kind of crafting system, i am not really sure about it.

i really like this mud though i think it is a little bit too hacknslash oriented (but that might just be me as i am a newbie to rp).
check it out! you will not regret it! it is probably the greatest mud ever.
and 100% free (free not "free"!)