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Reviews Section
Ages of Despair by Shea L. Anderson

  I have MUDded since the beginning of LPMUD's.  I have played on countless MUD's for MANY years.  I will not presume to say that AoD is the best MUD in existence, as it is nearly impossible to have tried them all with some measure of thoroughness, but I will say that it is my personal favorite.  It is without a doubt the most versatile from a players perspective, and is staffed with immortals who are genuinely eager to make AoD a better place.  The players and staff alike are friendly and open.  It would take a lot more space than I am probably allowed to list all the virtues of AoD, so I'll just say this:  Come try it out.  Give AoD an honest chance, and whether you choose to stay for a week or years, I'm positive you'll enjoy your time there.