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Reviews Section

Well, in the recent years, I have tried quite a few MUDs, and still, I always returned to this one, and now, finally, even volunteered to join the immortal staff and expand upon the themes presented here. Why is that so, one may ask.
The first, and to me, the most important issue is the amount of work, sweat, and even heartblood the creators of the custom areas have put into this MUD. Hundreds of custom areas have been added to the "usual, standard" DIKU ones, and the ones that have been taken over, have been intensivly modified to the point where quests, and "real" mobs with a true history and character seem to make up the whole of the MUD.
Second, the MUD is coded completely in Java which leads to almost no downtime in my experience, and, furthermore, to none of the problems with the "lag-monster" other Muds experience.
Third, most of the players there are friendly and really helpful, especially to newbies, which also includes the immo staff. This does not, though, lead to a softening of the PK-atmosphere there: If you join PK, and do one, only one single wrong step... you are dead, and probably missing a few of your most precious items, too. Areas, protected by the player-run clan of Judges, where PK-ing constitutes a crime, provide an (almost) save haven to those that have joined the ranks of PKers.
The careers and clans there offer a really amazing choice of roles, so that probably all players can be served their taste, from the usual monk of the Lord of Battle, (Ulric), in the clan of Warriors, to  the most absurd: the good genie, rogue and assassin, follower of the Patron of the Inquisition, Solkan, always at hand to kill some evil villain to the greater glory of her GOD.
The community of players in the MUD always has a voice with changes, and/or new installments to the careers, professions and clans. With the new ranking systems in the latter, opportunities for roleplay have been created that are matched by few MUDs I have visited so far.