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Reviews Section
Armageddon MUD by Nick

This mud is extremely RP oriented, so much in fact that it can get quite slow at times if you are not 'in' the 'in' crowd.  It is extremely well coded, and has a diverse system for just about everything...Do not go here if you are looking for H/Slash it is more like a MUSH with a combat/spell system...Many of the times i have played, ( even after reading through extensive documentation ) i never saw a sole, and found doing anything ( other than being killed ) was quite a chore.  This is not a negative review, but more of a warning for those looking for sword and sorcery and h/slash epic adventure to stay away.  This is a tight knit group of RPrs who love to emote things.  The longer you play also seems like the more 'control' of newbies you can have....Try it and enjoy.