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Katsu-MUD - MUD Details
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MUD Name Katsu-MUD
Telnet Address
Language English
Location Australia
Admin Name Katsuchiyo
Theme Hack 'n' Slash, and Questing, For RP'ers
Codebase Custom
World Size Huge (10001-20000 rooms)
World Originality Mostly Original
Player Killing Restricted Playerkilling
Roleplaying Accepted
Online Status Fully Operational
Category Not Listed Here
Avg Players Online 11-15
Year Created 2003
Vote URL
  • Supports ANSI Color
  • Graphical MUD
  • Has Quests
  • Class Based System
  • Level Based System
  • Multiclassing
  • Has Clans/Cabals
  • Equip saves on exit
  • Accepts Reviews
  • New accounts require validation
  • Free to Play
  • Hiring Builders
  • Hiring Coders

Katsu-MUD - MUD Description
At Katsu-MUD, we never stop changing things, one day you may be standing in the town center, the next day it might have been hit by a meteor. We keep the Game interesting by adding to it all the time, we are constantly building more features into it, an auction system, arena, new cities, countries, and beyond that, more channels, socials, and group formations than you would ever want to use, and so on. At the same time we will never let our changes effect how you can play, or wether you can play, all our work is done discretely, and if there is any disruption to your playing, then we will happily compensate you for that. But thats because we're so nice and newbie friendly, not to say we're unfriendly if your not a newbie....Moving on. If you want a MUD where everyone who comes in will know your name by the end of the week, and you never have trouble finding someone to group with, then Katsu-MUD is for you.. Trust me... I'm not as insane.

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