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Tristan1992 07-31-2019 05:35 PM

Laptop newbie, how to MUD with it?
After 38 years of computing I finally gave in and got a laptop. The biggest problem with it is that it doesn't have a NumPad. It's a T430s Thinkpad and does sport a reduced version with 4 arrow keys and pageup/down keys. That is good enough to map to 6 dirs which will work on a dikumud but not others with more dirs (like diagonals).

Darren Brimhall 08-02-2019 10:25 PM

Re: Laptop newbie, how to MUD with it?
I'm currently on a Toshiba Laptop bought from a downtown Pawnshop, since I cannot get the homebuilt microboard system to work. While I don't have the layout troubles you are having, I did have to bump it up from Windows 8.1 to Pro 10 just to get things to work. An even older Dell Lataude Laptop for a time worked with the Pale Moon browser, but it's slow.

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