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Viriato 05-11-2018 09:01 PM

Card game "wrapper" (UI) for Iberia MUD

I play muds since 96 which, together with tabletop/card/RPG games, are some of my hobbies. In 2006 I opened Iberia MUD, with a custom engine, and a couple years later I had a not exactly original idea of creating a graphical UI that could be fed by the same MUD engine, that could work in a large spectrum of devices (not exactly original as well) and a "wrapper/context" that could make sense could be a card game interface (now, I trust this is original).

Finally, I was able to make it work, even needing many improvements: being an hobby, moving from a good solution to an optimal one would take years, so I decided to released and spread the word right now in it's current state.

One of your cards is your character, other one is the room where you are, each NPC, PC and item are also independent cards, and one can interact with them like a tabletop game (mouse right button opens adequate context menus, for interaction).

It uses pure existent out of band protocols (MSDP), runs in a web browser and has already many usable systems, like "modern" chatting (including I3 channels), individual combat (the common hack and slash mud behaviour which, by the way, can be totally ignored while still being able to improve your character in game in a similar pace) or army combat (the current alternative to improve a character, which I find it more attractive than pure hack and slash).

There's a last resort always at hand: a terminal window that starts minimized but can be used anytime.

Rather than showing a finished piece of software that can bring and retain players in Iberia, it is more relevant if this opens a door to muds and devs give the jump to the 21st century regarding mud frontends, while maintaining the main old school way to play them.

A special thanks to Plamzi and his MUD Portal project, from which I got some ideas and even code. In my point of view, his effort was the last real push I saw in MUD community and was the trigger that made me start to materialize this idea (Imaginary Realities, Optional Realities and Stick In The MUD Podcast are great and very rich conceptual works I enjoy; the MUD Portal, in the other hand, is a concept brought into reality).


Iberia site:
Iberia web client:
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zac 08-05-2019 02:36 PM

Re: Card game "wrapper" (UI) for Iberia MUD

What is a card game interface? Is it like MXP menus, but instead of clicking on object names, you click on their pictures? Do you have all the usual commands (GET, PUT, LOOK, etc..)?

On a similar subject, do you have a different picture for every npc in your game, every race? Where did you get all your artwork?

Viriato 08-05-2019 06:08 PM

Re: Card game "wrapper" (UI) for Iberia MUD
You should watch de YouTube video! Currently I have a bug in websocket server so playing Iberia via site client is not working (until I fix the bug).
I use MSDP protocol for exchange data between server and client. With MXP, "normal" clients that know the protocol will show you the options in a standard way, like hiperlinks and context menus on mouse right click. With MSDP I can exchange data and manipulate it easily in client side. For instance, when a connection from Iberia MUD client is detected, in each player character movement, the "map" data is automatically exchanged and map is automatically updated in client.
As it was only a proof of concept, I've used some free artwork or artwork made by some of our players (like our logo). All weapons have the same image, all armours a different image but all the same, etc. That's controlled on client side so yes: when I eventually have a specific image for a specific object, it should show it in spite of generic one.
Those images are only the top of the card. In the bottom, it shows the item/NPC/PC/terrain description. You can drag and drop the cards and with mouse right button you access a menu of options. If is an item you can get it if on ground, wear it if is an armour and is in your inventory, kill an NPC/PC, eat if is food, etc, etc. In spite of type the directions of your movent, you have a compass with available directions that you can click to move... Again, please watch YouTube video to better understand :) Again, all via MSDP.

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