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Ok, as we all know, there are three different promotional discussions. The first is promotions for players, the second for staff and the last is simply titled announcements. The idea behind why there are three seperate discussions is so MUDs, staff positions and hosts & resources to not impose on each other.

So, what goes where?

Anything promoting a MUD, opening, player benefits, etc...
If it has a link to or an URL for a MUD or its related web site, it goes here.

Anything promoting a MUDs, hosts or resources need for staff.
Anything promoting a player's need for a position on a MUD, host or resource.

Anything promoting hosts.
Anything promoting resources.
Emergency announcements about MUDs, hosts or resources being shut down or having an address change.
If it has a link to or an URL for a host, resource or a related web site, it goes here.
Announcements by Synozeer pertaining to TMS.

This is a very simply concept and I do not like hearing complaints about MUDs or resources feeling like the other is taking all the attention. So, post in the right place or instead of moving them I may just "accidently" remove them.

Have a nice day!
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