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Alter Aeon July 2022 Update

We hope everyone was able to enjoy this year’s recently concluded Summer Solstice Celebration! Let’s review recent additions to the game:
  • new woodcrafted weapon: lance
  • easier to create mastercrafted woodcraft objects with rare types of wood
  • aggro mobs should be slightly tough at very high levels, thus yielding better solo exp
  • HIDE composition is now called SKIN, to avoid conflicts with the HIDE object effect
  • silver, gold, platinum and various jewelry alloys are higher difficulty; however if you know the ‘forge jewelry’ skill, your odds of failing with them are lower
  • dclient now only has one general combat track, but certain areas can have unique combat tracks
  • you can no longer smell while underwater unless affected by the ‘water breathing’ spell
  • “metallurgy list items” shows which items are cast in molds and which are hammered, and items from molds are very unlikely to produce mastercrafts
  • “consider” command and ‘dispel magic’ help page have been updated in order to more accurately reflect the relationship between MAGIC type creatures, the dispel magic spell, and magical damage
  • other updates and additions were made to the consider command, including some missing dragonbreath types
Coming in July:
  • ‘dispel magic’ will be updated to be more effective against spells you know how to cast, and ‘detect magic’ will be updated in order to facilitate this new feature
  • most guilds will be updated to require fewer mastercrafts to advance, but they will require a certain number of guild jobs to be completed
  • guildmasters will pay more for guild jobs that require a created object if you turn in a mastercrafted item
  • forging new items will require exact keyword matches to prevent conflicts between items with similar names, such as “chains” and “chainlink” belts
  • roadside shrines dedicated to pantheon gods are being added to the game world, where one offers an item in order to receive a reward
  • add favor requirements for several more mid- and high-level cleric abilities in order to give clerics more to spend their favor on
  • additional effects for pantheon spheres, such as a small boost to the skill level or cast level of associated abilities
  • release level 34/35 areas of Dreahul and Thuoduhr in eastern Atmir
  • re-open the Naginag arena as a regular area
  • re-release former event area The Harz as a level 39 area for the Dunn Hurr
Work also continues on the level 42 area Port Crimsonia for eastern Ramanek and Nightmare Plane solo and group 4 areas toward their eventual release in the fall.

For more information please refer to our latest Youtube update here:
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