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Dear Mr. Ragequitter:

Why on earth would we make the MUD "punish players" by forcing
them to drop link and get force-rented instead of quitting
because they had a cursed item? Seriously? Why would we do
something like that? All you had to do was type HELP CURSED,
which would have given you many options as to what to do with
a cursed item. Then you could have just quit normally and gone
to bed. Some of the things we get accused of. *sigh*

We are trying to provide a free, fun, challenging game for you
to play, not to punish you. By "challenging" we mean a game where
you have to put that unused white matter to use and figure things
like puzzles, mazes, hints, riddles - and yeah, help files out.

PLEASE. Try and find help on whatever you may be looking for.
If you look hard enough you will more than likely find your answer
somewhere in the help files!

Incidentally, we still need builders - and our 27-year anniversary is
Dec. 19th. Stop in and see why we've been around for so long. =) 1111
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