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Cost- Free
Owned - Mina and Cernunnos
Average Players - 10+
PVP - Yes
Roleplay -Enforced
OOC Chat Channels - Yes
Original Content - Yes
Original Races - Yes
Combat - Roleplay Assisted
Perma-Death- Yes.
Exceptions to Perma-death- Yes! (IC conditions and roleplays can result in the sending back, of a character who has died)

The world of Telantha...

While still in Beta, Shadowsiege offers a distinctly refreshing change to the typical hack-and-slash RPG's that litter the world of Text based Gaming.

Focus is based on writing and storytelling instead of the triggers, speed typing and automatic commands. The story is immersive and ever changing, with a staff that encourages player interaction and suggestions. Content is always being added to the game and an increasing amount comes from player suggestions and ideas. Do you like to write? If you have ideas, suggestions or stories, ShadowSiege encourages you as a player to submit them; Chances are, they might very well be used.

The gods of this mudd are quite real, adding another element of interaction that many mudds lack. Substance, is what keeps this game going...and Shadowsiege has plenty of it.

If you do not like to write, do not like to tell stories or be a part of one, and your greatest joy in gaming is how many things you can kill, or how many levels you can gain; Shadowsiege is not for you.

Newbie Friendly, creative gamers can easily make their own place in this Txt Based RPG.

Some features include:

The ability to purchase up to two alternative characters. (with roleplay points, NOT money)

Roleplay Based Skill/Stat purchases.
Roleplay Based Trades and Crafts.
Custom Clothing, Weapons, Armor, Homes, Buildings and Stores.
Unique Magic Systems.
Unique World.
Unique Races.

Other Features include:

Hard Coded Combat to compliment Text based conflict.
The ability to Haunt.
Roled Positions available upon experience.
The ability to take positions within the city, such as Priest or Priestess, Constable, Guardsmen or Merchants.

My favoriate feature however will always remain that roleplay is based on interaction and description, instead of how fast you can spit out pre-programed commands. It's about the Story...

May it continue to remain original, fun and creative...Hope to see you there.
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