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Katchin felt the unrestrained heat of Crifus' sun beating down on his back as he worked. He applied mortar to each brick meticulously, ensuring the manor's long life. He couldn't possibly imagine living in a house of this magnitude, though grand as it was, there were much greater sights to be seen--Katchin would know because he built them. The benefactor of this land had deemed it fit to build a blacksmith just off the main property, which was surprising, considering Lords so rarely did their own dirty work.
As he worked he mused that on a clearer day, he could see the end of the world--but truly he could only see as far as Naerlan. With so few clouds in the sky, he was inclined to thank Azak for his courtesy; though he doubted the Avatar would hold back his lightning on the behalf of a mason. The forge had been built first, to facilitate the needs of metalworks in the construction of the manor itself--an idea Katchin himself had given to the foreman. The sounds of a blacksmith's hammer rang through the air clear as the day was itself.
On the horizon, though, a storm had loomed since mid-day, and Katchin was unsure of the chaotic Avatar's intentions for the mason.

Nobility and Manors are just a few of the roleplay incentives to be found at Adventures Unlimited. With the safety and protection of your own home, you can work on your own set of custom equipment, or scribe and brew scrolls and potions at a whim. If that's not enough for you, join a temple and clan in the Player Killing system and work to further the cause of your deity through the conquest of the areas of Tharel, or through competitions like Days of Redemption.
Whether you enjoy carving out a niche of the world to call your own, or throwing yourself into hordes of your deity's enemies, you'll find yourself entertained and enthralled by Adventures Unlimited.
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