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Arthanox, a ROM based, role playing encrouaged mud, seeks people willing to explore the large and everchanging world. 100 mortal levels, 90 normal, 10 hero, remorting, questing, and dreaming are a handful of things the mud has to offer.

Several hundred years ago three gods joined forces and created the world of Arthanox. They lovingly crafted the world and a variety of races. The gods found that running all the aspects of the world was too time consuming with their other god duties, so they chose inhabitants of the world to become itís caretakers, and granted them the gift of immortality. These immortals took it upon themselves to create an additional number of
races, bringing the total to 21. They saw the races were bored, and created 12 classes to help occupy them, and a remort ability to give them more to do. In addition to giving the inhabitants a purpose, the immortals created additions to the world to give the inhabitants more to explore. They provided questing and dreaming to give depth to the world as well as

The immortals realized that the inhabitants, or mortals, would want to war and pillage, so they granted them the ability to be reborn upon dying. With this ability they began to amass responsible immortals and mortals to create and lead clans, or guilds. These clans would unite mortals under a common goal.

The world of Arthanox is vast and ever changing, with new inhabitants and immortals. New faces are always welcome to help the world grow, through creation or becoming an inhabitant.
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