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I just figured I'd start a thread on MUDs that require roleplay and are meant to stay in character (IC) while playing.

I'll start off with one, since I only know a couple...

- Chronicles of Epharus : 8000

This game is still in development, though it is already starting to be an awesome mud. Currently it is in Alpha testing, and hopes to be out of Beta by the beginning of 2004. Of course, since it is a newer mud, there are only 10 or less people on at a time. But with those 10 so far, we have had a great deal of roleplay that is hard to imagine with just that number of people. Let me give an example. On Chronicles of Epharus (CoE), there is a guild know as the Hand of the Divine. This is basically a clerics guild. Those who join this guild has the purpose of believing in the Divine, starting, joining religions. With player ran religions, you can have a great amout of RP, because the ideas of that religion are the players', and not the entire playerbase.
The plot behind this mud is a realm, Epharus, at one time was a rich and furtile land... But over time, the fight for power and wealth destroyed the land and the people. This is where the first chapter begins. The city of Imperius stands as a conquest of hope, and reconstruction. You can start by creating a character, and roleplaying any type of character you would like, create your history, and your rp is based on your imagination. You can rp almost anything you like, start your own sublots, start clans, religions, etc. The admin will mostly not interfere unless it really hurts the rp enviroment. Of course there are restrictions so that not everyone on the mud starts there own plot and rp, but almost all rp is player driven, and that is why we need a larger player base.

So come join us on the Chronicles of Epharus. It is coded in Python from scratch and all custom. The admin is nice, and has unique ideas, such as the skill system and areas. The world has a nice format with not an overuse in colors, and it does not have the Diku looking mud style in case you are not into that style. It is easy to read and understand and the commands are basic and easy to learn. Without giving out too much info, I just have to say come and try it!

P.S. It's not ranked very high on TMS because of the very small playerbase. So please don't judge it by that.
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I moved this to Advertising for Players because, no matter how thinly veiled the "discussion of RP MUDs" topic is, it's just an ad - and just an invitation for more ads.

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