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\\\' , / // Glorius Patria
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Three worlds under one star, the Solar Republic stands at the forefront of Human achievement, ingenuity, and purity. Rising from the destruction of the recent war with the militant Maltarian and Sivadian Empires, the Republic mourns its losses while still looking ahead to the future. Under the newly formed leadership of the Council and Consulate, humanity shall remain in its rightful place amoungst the stars.


The Vanguard military is always in need of fresh volunteers to defend the territories rightful to the heirs of mother Earth. Prometheus Industries, leader in small spacecraft production is hiring technicians, designers, and consultants to fill their offices. And as always, the efficient and newly-formed Republic government needs men and women to work as cogs and gears in its many processes.


OOC: Contact Danish - Positions on the Council still need to be filled, and the 78th SFU is in need of a pilot and crewchief.

************************************************** **

VFS Alexander

Fidelis * Fortis * Firmitas

The VFS Alexander is the flagship of the Vanguard fleet. Though heavily damaged in the battle at Ganymede, it has since been refurbished and is now once again ready to defend humanity against all threats abroad and in Sol itself.


OOC: The Alexander is one of the largest spaced vessels in the system, and is desperately in need of a crew for the upcoming Mars Arc. All positions are available from Captain to gunner, and almost any character idea can be worked out. The Alexander will be the brunt of a fair amount of RP during the upcoming Months, if it can be crewed. Though the Sol Staff will not always be hand-holding, and those who take on Leadership positions are expected to make use of them to generate Roleplay. As always, if you have any questions, they can be directed to myself, or the new Sol RP Aide, Echelon.

- Dane
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