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To those of you who are already familiar with ASSAULT: High Tech War, and even those who aren't and are interested in finding the next generation of Pure Player-kill Muds, you are invited to come check out the new:


This new version has just opened for public testing, and has fantastic new features as well as the old ones. To those of you who never played High Tech War, a full listing will be further down at the post with the full game description.

The new featuers include:

* A great focus on simplifying the game, making sure people don't have to find out they did something wrong after there's no way back.
* A lot more focus on the defensive part, players now stand a very good chance of successfully defending their belongings even against the best players if they put a little effort in it, and even if they lose, it doesn't mean they lost the entire base. Also, a lot of issues where players would just continuously attack no matter how many times they died were addressed.
* No more walls or borders, the map overlaps around itself
* Oceans, boats, gunships... even an Aircraft carrier able to move planes to where you'd normally need more fuel than you have.
* A complete technology tree restructuring
* A cash-based economy system, use $$$ instead of resources
* Items and vehicles are bought instead of freely generated
* Customizable buildings - You can set your own range on your external defenses (at the cost of power and accuracy), install your own brand of internal defenses, change damage types...
* Specific-building timers, so not all buildings go off at the same exact moment. Meaning turrets will be more effective, and you can't "time" an attack so you don't get hit.
* Building capturing, wall-blowing with bombs, infiltrating...

And a lot more new stuff.

All of this makes ASSAULT: 3.0 something worth... at least trying out

The general feature list includes:

* Build your base in a huge ascii world, with millions of rooms, from a very large selection of buildings.
* Gather and develop technology, buildings and weapons, and use them to destroy other players.
* Dozens of means to destroy other players, ranging from simple guns and bombs, to sneaking and infiltration, capturing, rocket launchers, vehicles and tanks, aircrafts and ships, sniper rifles...
* Hack your way to information or building destruction using laptops equipped with virus and cracking software.
* Technology trees and classes give players more and more stuff to try in combat.
* Great use of MCCP, MXP and MSP protocols.
* Minigames to pass your time in when you're not attacking people, like Paintball or NUKEM

Come help test ASSAULT: 3.0 3004
*Still in public testing, so bugs may occur, though nothing major so far.
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