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"We are all damned, to a certain extent." -- Graven

Welcome to the Cities of M'dhoria. A world rich with life between the lands of Alandis and Haphen.

Cities of M'dhoria is a free roleplay enforced MUD with PK allowed, nestled in a completely unique world. With 21 diversely unique races and 14 classes to choose from, M'dhoria allows you to mix and match in hundreds of different ways to create your character. Established in 1996 and based on a heavily modified Rom 2.4, CoM provides a steady uptime for players as well as a thriving history that dates back to creation.

We've put a lot of effort into being newbie friendly, with established player helpers ready to answer any questions you might have, as well as a helpful and friendly staff.

Cities of M'dhoria spans over two large continents known as Alandis and Haphen. On the heavily wooded Alandis, the governments of Seria, which is led by the Triage, and Cranzemore, formerly lead by the ruthless but recently disbanded Enclave, often hold high tension between their lands. The more tropical Haphen is governed by the whimsical inhabitants of Gheldale and the massive stone city of Kraknul. In recent events, the destruction of the Enclave has left Cranezmore to be led by a cold-hearted reaver named Verenthymos, with his newly developed Lor'vesa Syndicate. The triage scrambles together to protect Seria against their new threat, and the Quevran and Siriyu further battle politically over Haphen.

CoM features an ever-changing world where the players not only interact with each other, but also help shape the world with their actions. Emphasis on individual roleplay is key and tons of quests are available for character enhancement.

If you are interested in helping mold and shape a unique world and taking part in an epic storyline, feel free to start your adventure!

Cities of M'dhoria Staff 6996
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