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Over the past few weeks we have had episodic quests leading up to a very big conclusion--as yet unknown.

What has happened so far....

Destanin and some other scholarly gents inspired the mortals to seek out a long lost vault of Nyastren. Through various episodic and harrowing adventures with different mortals on different days, the Vault was finally located, tunnels were excavated, the scene was set.  The Vault was to be opened but 'something' or 'someone' was still inside...guarding their treasure.  The Lich Nyastren was not going to let his trinkets go easily.  

Here are the echoes from the fateful night Nyastren took his wrath upon those who would disturb his magic.
Originally Posted by
Out came Nyastren from the Vault. The ancient Archmage of Chaos had been transformed into an exceptionally twisted lich in order to survive his long self-imprisonment in his Vault.

Much death did Nyastren rain down upon the would-be plunderers of his Vault. Eventually, they started to get the upper hand... but Nyastren, who had caused such trouble for Thera with the many defenses to his Vault, had one more card yet to play...

His ancient form battered and broken from fighting half of Thera, the lich Nyastren retreats from the battle with the mortals who would dare pillage his Vault.

Glaring at his enemies across the storm-tossed Sea of Despair, his raspy whisper echoes like thunder.

I have not waited these thousands of years to be beaten by you pretenders to the legacy of accursed Order!

You desire what has been stored in my Vault?

You wish to see the untamed might of Magic?

You lust after the power of Chaos?


Pouring the remaining strength in his undying form into a final spell, Nyastren collapses, uttering a single arcane word.

In answer, the immense magical power stored within the Vault's mana well ignites, fueling a primeval spell of annihilation, augmenting its potence beyond imagination.

Although a storm of destruction consumes the area, it is the effects of the spell's assault upon the very fabric of reality that will be remembered...

All the leaking energies from countless magical items and artifacts stored in the Vault of Nyastren had, for Ages, been trapped and focused into a unique mana well. During his long imprisonment, Nyastren had begun to believe that those he meant to permit to claim the contents of his Vault would never come. He had prepared a magical weapon of last resort using the mana well in case one of his many hated enemies should open the Vault. With his back at last to the wall, he used it, assaulting the weave of magic and even the very nature of reality with Chaos magic of untold power.

A magical rift has been torn open near the former dig site in the Sea of Despair; death waits for all who near it. Not even ghosts are safe. A victory over Nyastren had been won, but at too high a price.

It seemed that as part of his final stroke, Nyastren had also dispersed the contents of his Vault to the four winds. Some of these items have already resurfaced and are in the possession of adventurers; others are not yet accounted for.
Mana and Chaos have intertwined to create an instability in Thera.  Angels attack the righteous, Demons turn on evils(well that always happened) Ents attack the cities, Legions of Undead pop up in an instant.  

The Carrion Fields you may have visited before is NOT the Carrion Fields now.  Something strange is going on morning, noon, and night and there does not seem to be any good ideas as to how to stop it.  


Our playerbase has been ooohing and aaahing over the recent involvement by the Immortal staff on this project and we know that once the final product is unveiled it will all be worth it.  Seriously, it will be.  

So if you tried us out before and weren't impressed.  Try us out again.  If you've never tried us out.  Now is the time.

Specs over the past 3 weeks.  

Four new empowering Immortals have surfaced.
Magical Artifacts dispersed throughout the lands which may or may not be part of the on going quest.
Absolute Chaos reigns at this point which means anything can happen, at any time.  

Visit our History and Current Events board here

to see what else is going on!

Carrion Fields....come see why we are imitated but never duplicated.
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