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Originally Posted by (KaVir @ April 02 2006,17:38)
Originally Posted by (Visching101 @ April 02 2006,22:45)
I would be able to argue my cause and they would have to prove damage.
They would be entitled to recover their attorney fees, court costs, and up to $100,000 statutory damages even without establishing what damaged they'd suffered (see here).

Originally Posted by
And yeas Mythic may be working on a Warhammer mmo but it is 2 diffrent things.
Both of which are still copyrighted and trademarked to GW.

But it's not our opinions that matter - we're just trying to save you from having to throw away your work and/or face legal costs.
I know this, I have sent an Email to GW and i dont see them haveing a problem with it seeing as how that have had fan based stuff posted on there site at one time or another. If GW has a problem with it then i will creat a game around a comic i have been making. I didnt want to start work on that till i had the first issue published on my site. Still eather way i will need more staff members then what i have now.
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Well I now have my reply from Games-Workshop. My E-mail went as fallows.

Hi my name is Richard Barters and I am contacting you for permission to make a Warhammer 40k fan based MUD/MUSH. It would be free for players to play and I don't really see it getting that big, players will probably consist of me and some friends. If the player base gets to large and you feel it is affecting the sales of any if your products I will gladly shut it down on notification.

After waiting a for a response, I finally received one from a John Spencer within Games-Workshop. There E-mail went as fallows.

You should have no problem with this. We cannot give you direct permission, but we can think of no reason why it would not be Ok.

John Spencer
Games Workshop - Hobby Specialist
(Please do not delete earlier correspondence in emails)
Games Workshop USA Direct Services
6711 Baymeadow Drive
Glen Burnie, MD 21060-6401
We take care of all of your GW related needs: orders, questions & concerns.
Hours of operation:
11AM to 7:30PM (EST) Monday to Saturday
Call us at 1-800-394-4263
Check us out on the Web: <>
UK Direct Services: 011-441-1591-40000
Canadian Direct Services: 1-888-GW-TROLL

After getting that E-mail I then contacted him again asking for the contact info of someone who could give a definitive yes or no. After receiving my reply I then sent an E-mail to the new contact and am still waiting for that response.
Now the game is starting to be worked on, and I am still looking for staff. If you are interested then please contact me.
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Very cool of you to take the time to do this. I'd like to see more MUDs getting permission before using other people's IP (or trying to in your case, thus far).

If you're able to get a definitive 'yes' in terms of permission though, I'll be surprised, because to do so is to effectively grant you a license to operate, and there is no way their legal department is going to allow that.

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Yea i done see us getting a solid yes, but from the my understanding (been in contact with a few people at GW.) Is i will be able to go through with the project but if they feel it is affecting there sales they will ask me to shut down (without any legal problems)
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