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Steel Leopard
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I've had a growing interest in developing MUDs for quite a few years now, and dispite numerous people telling me to just give it up and find a new hobby, I wish to continue with it. Being a Windows-user, exploring codebases by myself on a miniscule income is nearly out of the question, so I've decided to take a different route--to seek learning opportunities and mentorship via working on another MUD.

And now that my intention is clear, I guess I can continue on with a makeshift resume and a description of what I'm looking for. If you see anything interesting below, and kinda-sorta fit what I'm looking for, PLEASE reply or (preferably) send me an email. (

I built briefly on a diku-based MUD and then on an LP-mud many years ago, but had to leave because of personal reasons. Of the two, I have to say that I found the LP-mud much more enjoyable. I am very willing to exchange an easy learning curve for more advanced ability.

I have never coded for a MUD. My programming ability is weak, but I do have a strong interest and (very) basic knowledge of C++. I can also recognize/read some Java, although my ability to write it is miniscule. I have never touched C, although hear it bears some resemblance to C++.

But what about the game I'm looking for? I am looking for something that is VERY bent towards being RP-enforced. Some may tell me that programming has little to do with the theme, but I think the purpose of the game, if felt strongly enough, is going to dictate what kind of things are going to show up in that codebase. In fact, a game that is first and formost focused on being strictly role-play oriented is almost a MUST for me. x.x; Plus, it helps me to enjoy what I'm doing.

That being said, if you are looking for a builder, are focused intensely on roleplay, and think I may be of some use to you, send me an email. I would greatly appreciate mentorship and patience in return.

YIM: steel_leopard
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If you know Robert Jordan's "Wheel Of Time" series, come login and talk to me or leave a note. 5000
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If your looking for a unique themed RPG, we would welcome your presence at Realm of the Magi, an LPMud based on a dark and magical fantasy theme. Currently we are restructuring our development and administration team, so another mentor/world builder would be a great fit on our growing team.

If interested, please come by and visit our website:

Game Site Address (Web): or

Game Site Address (Telnet): 1501

-++- RotM Administration -++-
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