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Orion Elder
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Originally Posted by
I have a problem with adding it to the rankings, because I don't think it's any more pertinent than a whole range of other pieces of information, and I don't think it's practical to include the myriad pieces of reasonably pertinent info there.
That is a thinly veiled attempt at contradicting yourself to appease the population. "I don't think it's any more pertinent than [blah blah]" and "pieces of reasonably pertinent info." The former tries to downplay the importance of the information, where as the second calls it 'reasonably pertinent.' Anyway, enough explaining why I made my statement.

On to the issue of money. Anyone traumatized by an online game is an idiot, it is a piece of entertainment. It is also a hobby to most of us. I have been MUDding for around 13-14 years now, and while people making money off of MUDding is not bad... it IS bad when they are not up front in the first thing a person sees. I wouldn't mind the lack of a '$' symbol, if it were mentioned in the descriptions of the MUD, clearly, that the MUD is not FREE.

DragonRealms has no problem doing it. You, on the other hand, make claims about your MUD that I have never seen backed up.

Originally Posted by
"Achaea is the only text MUD that still matters." --
I have seen people ask, several times, where they can find this quote at I went and looked. I did a search for your MUD's name. It's not there. So, please, provide us with th enlightening information that validates said claim.

Also, there is no mention of ANY cost in that listing. You fight against listing it on the main page, but you don't even have the common decency to be honest enough to list it in the INFO page.

I'm done with this argument. While arguing is usually fun, it isn't very much fun when the opposition shows the intelligence, morality, and common sense of a brick. As to whether I'm talking about myself, or you... well, I'll leave that up to you to decide.
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