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Darksun MUD BETA - Need Staff

Darksun MUD is finally going to enter Beta this year. I'm happy with the state of the world and code at this point. We've upgraded to the new SOI release and are going to have it merged with our own custom code soon.

Either way, the following are required to open for Beta and I can't do it until I find the right people.

Head Admin for Tyr - Duties will include plugging in the city-state of Tyr (it's already built). Overseeing all players that want to play in Tyr. And utilizing the sorcerer-king Kalak. I'm looking for people who have experience with Armageddon, Shadows of Isildur, Harshlands, etc. I'm hoping to only have to fill this once and have a long lasting person do this.

Head Admin for Draj - Draj is a smaller city, but it still has a sorcerer-king and it will have players because of the rich culture and history of the city. The Draj city-state is already built from years ago and needs to be implemented. After that the head admins duties will include overseeing the city, players, culture, docs, and the sorcerer-kings dealings.

Misc Roleplay Admin - Someone who is willing to oversee the geography and trade routes of the world of Athas. You'll need to be flexible and willing to jump from city to city, and interact with all sorts of players and you'll need to know the entire history of each city. My expectations for this person is high, because you'll need to be fair, and be able to know how to deal with certain situations.

I'm always looking for builders, I'm a staunch believer in the builder being the administrator for the area they build.

I'm only looking for coders who are willing to work under somebody else, the main guy who has been doing code for me for some time. If you can work well with them, by all means contact me.

You can e-mail/IM/ or whatever to contact me. All of my info is in my profile.

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