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The Fury .PvP. Positions Vacant.

The Fury .PvP. Is a fast paced factional player verses player competitive MMO with an Asian martial arts theme. The world itself is inspired and influenced by Asian mythology, philosophy, religion and Gung Fu as well as Chinese, Japanese and Tibetan history.

The game consists of 4 factions, Life, Death, Decay and Growth with each faction having a corresponding element, Water, Fire, Air and Earth. Classes can be either physically or mentally focused, which guaranties the starting skill focus of either physical attacks or mental attacks. This in no way is a limiting factor for the class as each class can learn selected skills from its opposite focus and primary, complementary and deficient element. Each class cannot however learn from its opposite element. Ie. Death/Fire cannot learn from Life/Water.

The Fury .PvP., being competition based will run over 8 week rounds. Points will be awarded across a number of areas through out the round with up to the minute ladders and scores providing an easy way to track ones performance.

The code is currently 80% complete and the world content 30% complete. We have a rather ambiguous aim to be release ready by years end.

We wish to invite applications from interested and talented individuals who posses skills across a wide variety of areas to join this project. The individuals we see should be able to work autonomously, be able to follow instruction, have excellent written communication skills and be able to work effectively to meet deadlines. Checkable references and or examples of work would be considered highly.

Builder: should have a proper understanding of English grammar, posses a creative imagination, able to describe objects, rooms and monsters within an Asian fantasy setting. Familiarity of smaug olc and or oasis olc would be highly regarded.

Editor: should have the ability to be able to test and come to a working understanding of all aspects of the game, with minimal input or starting information. Be able to write help files, create web content, user guides, game announcements and news posts.

Writer: possess a proper understanding of English grammar, posses a creative imagination, be able to take fragments of ideas and stories and form them into a cohesive whole. To be able to work within the developed story to bring aspects to the game including but no limited to instance zones and quest, including stories area maps and design information.

Artist: suitably skilled in all aspects of graphical arts, required to develop web content and in game graphical content. Familiarity with Asian mythology and fantasy creatures would be well regarded as would be ability to research such information.

All applications should be titled “Fury .PvP. Application” and sent to eldhamud <AT> gmail <dot> com. The game server can be located at 8000. All applications will be replied to within 24 hours of receipt.

Thank you for your time,

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