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Deeper Trouble - Hack'n'slash MUD

For those of you who have not yet been in Deeper Trouble, let me tell you that it is
very old. It goes back to 1990 and was created by a handful computerscience students.

Artesia - as the world is named - is, and always will be, strictly fantasy-based,
and although it has its roots in the stories of J.R.R. Tolkien, many other species
that share its theme and spirit also populate it these days.

It is constantly being improved and new additions and changes come often. This is no
DIKU style MUD. It is complex by nature and thus very challenging and exciting.

One can here enjoy wandering about in a large world, either alone or in a party with
other players. Since the different areas and puzzles are very distinct, although not
by theme or connection, there is always a new challenge waiting for any adventurer
regardless of skill and experience. Players also tend to stride to become the best.

There is also a social aspect to the game. Many new friends have been made, and
also real-life gatherings are being arranged now and then so that the true people of
Artesia may exchange gossip, face to face and over a mug of dark ale.

We will offer you following:

- Great social MUD
Deeper Trouble has since the beginning of time been a social MUD. Players and staff are friendly, and helpful, and greet new players with a smile.
Social life includes: Public chats, extended group system and group questing in a friendly environment.

- Free Roleplaying
RP is not a must when interacting with other players, but the entire MUD is build on RP questing and missions.
You will experience Deeper Trouble as a hack'n'slash MUD.

- Original environment and staff
The lands of Artesia is constantly being improved. Either with new areas and quests, but also with balancing, new player classes and even levels.
The staff is involved in the game and will aid new players with ideas and hints, and ofcourse we're very friendly!

- Limited Playerkilling
After achieving level 15 you will choose to go PK on or not.
A complete arena system has been introduced, which feature playerkilling without loss, fun for all players (even those without PK on) in a round based multiplayer fighting system.

- Player owned Merchant guilds.
In Deeper Trouble you can own a Merchant guild for yourself.
Do you want to manufacture booze, medical supplies and own a corpse processor among other things? This is all possible.
Earn money on promotion and advertisement.

- Original item system.
Deeper Trouble is not your average MUD when it comes to equipment and equipping yourself. The item system is based on a completely unique idea where players will equip themselves upon every login. Either by buying player auctioned items already put in game by killing larger bosses.
Or by starting over: Buy a longsword, kill a guard, find a ringmail, and then improve yourself gradually to group with friends to kill harder monsters.
If this is not your style, why not buy a chest, and dig down your 2-3 favorite items and use them over and over again.

- Original damage and limb system
Wielding a sharp weapon with a weak arm you will only just prick your opponents skin, and as your strength grows you will experience your fights blow the monsters apart by sundering and maiming them to achieve victory.

- Involved Combat system
You will have to fight your monsters and heal your friends in real time. As you grow in levels your class will achieve more and better powers, spells and styles which you need to put to use to win a fight.

- Original Classes
Experience the following classes in Deeper Trouble

Berserkers, fierce fighters made for dual wielding and hand to hand combat

Bards, the melee fighter using songs, spells and light weapons to his advantage.

Crystal, the combat mage using gems and crystal to find energy for spells and styles

Healers, focused on power and healing and buffing abilities. Also wields magic spells to slay undead

Knights, noble shield/sword server to fight evil in artesia

Monks, brotherhood of the Fists using spiritual powers and martial arts skills and attacks.

Priests, the evil cult using demonic belief and spells to rip the good apart

Runemasters, enchanters of weapons use bladerune etching to damage in combat,

Sorcerers, arcanists using spellpower to slay. Memorizing spells for the next battle is essential.

Thieves, the guild we do not speak of, does it even excist? Shadow crawlers using element of surprise to their advantage.

- Newbie Friendlu environment
As a new player in Deeper Trouble you will get guided through the entire system by choice. You will graduate from Newbie School and get taught the basic commands of the MUD.
Furthermore the newbie channel will always be open for questions and hints.

Welcome to Deeper Trouble already, at 4242

You're welcome to add my messenger for questions or comments:
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