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One of the most dangerous things in the world is uncertainty. When you don't know where to draw the line, how do you know what rules to follow, and which to break? This is the essence of chaos, of independent movement, of allegiances tenuous at best. This is String Theory.

String Theory MUX is a role-playing game based on NBC's hit TV series Heroes, which takes place two years after the first season's explosive finale. Our setting is an alternate universe where the bomb exploded, turning New York City into a dystopia where - amongst the rubble - Homeland Security wages a covert war against the city's Evolved population with the help of a shadowy organization known to fans of the show as The Company.

String Theory MUX is currently recruiting players for The Company, along with two additional factions, the Ferrymen and Shedda Dinu, all of whom will be major players in the story arc that is soon to begin.

The Company works hand-in-hand with Homeland Security (at least officially) to attempt to regulate the Evolved population. In practice, well, the alliance is fragile at best and the Company still keeps many of its own secrets. Not to mention having its own agenda. Its agents continue to 'bag and tag' Evolved individuals, maintaining records independent of the Registry and secure from Homeland Security, even as they enforce the directives of HomeSec officials.

The Ferrymen are the 'cattle rustlers' of String Theory, the 'underground railroad' which rescues Evolved from persecution and sends them away to different places, often with new identities, where they can pick up the pieces of their lives. They are a diverse organization, a network of allies united by their common goal and the oversight of Noah Bennet and Hana Gitelman. Their calling is not active resistance or the drive to revolution, but the steadfast refusal of common people to deny the rights and liberties of their peers.

Shedda Dinu is a pro-Evolved activist faction which was born from the ashes of the terrorist group PARIAH. Under the leadership of Rupe Carmichael, they operate in the shadows, using cloak-and-dagger tactics to make fools of the publicly anti-Evolved: impersonation, propaganda, kidnapping, unwitting sleeper agents and judicious assassinations. They are the self-proclaimed 'Judges of Demons', the anti-heroes fighting for Evolved rights under a name that, if all goes according to plan, no one but they themselves will ever know.

We welcome both Heroes fans and those who have never seen the show. All the information you need is on our wiki at String Theory MUX -- or just jump right in and join us at, port 1407.
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