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Dreamscape MUSH

Dreamscape MUSH

~A place of dreams and nightmares~

Go to sleep. Sleep, and dream. Imagine, now, a strange mist-covered place where you can barely make out shapes in the darkness. Strange voices buzzing around in your head. As the voices get more and more intense your surroundings sharpen, seem to become more real. As you finally find it in yourself to walk further into this mysterious fog, it slowly ebbs away and you find yourself in a realm of endless possibilities.

Congratulations, you have made your way to the Dreamscape. A place where dreams and nightmares take the shapes of men, of animals, of monsters and gods. A place where a mortal may learn the secret truth of the universe, find true love or endless despair. Or perhaps have the adventure of a lifetime with strange folk and in stranger places.

The Dreamscape is a realm between worlds; a place fueled by the subconscious, by dreams and the creativity of mortals. And sometimes, the right person may find it in their dreams, and forevermore dwell there during their sleeping hours.


Dreamscape MUSH is a new multi-theme MUSH based on the idea of a dream-world that connects and dwells between the various dimensions in existence. It is possible to play various Feature Characters from established themes or Original Characters who are called into the Dreamscape in their sleep. It is, however, also possible to play the native inhabitants of the Dreamscape, a species who separate themselves into Dreams and Nightmares based on habits, personality and their various unique and widely varied abilities.

The Dreamscape is designed to be a place for creativity, fun and a place of courtesy -- freeform roleplaying, the ability to create groups amongst player characters for various purposes. A platform for political intrigue, plots and witty tongues for those inclined for it.

And, not to mention, the possibility to affect the entirety of the Dreamscape as a character. For the various dream realms that exist in the Dreamscape are ruled by Lords of Dreams and Nightmares and while they are powerful, they are not invincible. It is entirely possible for a player to assume such a mantle, or to strike one of these rulers down to further their own ends.

Ultimately, it is our goal to create a living, involving world where common sense and courtesy between players are the most important rule. A place you can enjoy whether you play a powerful evil overlord, budding hero, merchant or even a common barmaid.


Come join us at: 7777

(While open for entertaining RP with a quick application process for getting a character, Dreamscape MUSH is currently in early beta phase, running off of the owner's personal linux machine with Dynamic DNS. Revisions and additions to our code and theme are very likely, as is a server move should growth demand it.)

If you have any questions or experience any difficulties, contact either of our current directors on AIM -- FubarProductions and lokioathbreaker or through our email address,
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