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Sharune II - The Battlefield has Opened

Good day everybody,

Recently, Sharune II opened a major front in the war between the good and evil forces of Ethros. The Island of Kar'n Krathor gives a strategic advantage to the side in control of it's keeps, causing many exciting battles between the Envarians and Draclanmorians in the fight to be on top.

Sharune II also has a rich roleplaying environment, a detailed world and a variety of races to choose from, including some familiar to all and others unique to Ethros, each with complementing strengths and weaknesses. The world itself uses beautiful colors and a large, easy to read map, especially when using the custom Firebolt game client allowing full use of the RGB colors. Players can form guilds with a theme of their choosing and have the ability to work together in creating a guildhall. Classes are available in five main types, with advantages and disadvantages to each individual class inside those types.

For new players, a short and informative newbie zone is available, along with guides on the Sharune Wiki for newbies and naming of characters. Starting with a good side character means you are fully safe from player killing, unless you choose to do so, until high levels when you will be prepared to defend yourself should it happen. The world itself is immense and filled with a large variety of custom written zones to explore for experience and equipment. And you don't need to attain the highest levels to take part in fun zones or intriguing quests. Sharune II gives importance to all levels and it's a rewarding challenge to complete them.

The Firebolt client contains helpful features like a real time group health panel, graphical vitals display, an interior map for zones, aliases and keybindings, a flexible trigger system and the ability to write scripts in Java Beanshell. Included is the ability to record full color logs in real time and play them back in the client.

So please, come join us and prove yourself a powerful warrior.

Thank you,
Zaleede - Arbiter of Coalescence for Sharune II

If you have any problems or questions about the game, feel free to contact me via PM or email and I'll either address it myself or bring it to the attention of the immortal team. Additionally, anyone with MUD experience willing to try Sharune out and send me a short review with suggestions for improvement, please do so, as we are always working to progress the development of the game.
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