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Explore the rich world of Geas

I spent a few years away from mudding after my old mud shut down, but I inevitably got the urge to play again. So, I decided to look for a roleplaying mud that was level-less, since I preferred to focus on roleplay rather than having to smash monsters all day. I soon discovered Geas and fell in love with the level of detail and complexity that it offered. The ability to interact with NPCs and the environment brought an intriguing aspect of discovery and realism. And it seemed like the more I played, the more I kept finding amazing new features. I've been playing for about 9 months now, and there's still so much I've yet to fully explore.

Here is just a bit of what Geas offers:

- Complex combat system that allows you to choose how aggressive/defensive you are, which part of the body you want to aim at. The type of weapon you wield affects how fast and how powerful your attacks are. A whole range of "specials" to use in combat, some of which require you to wield a certain type of weapon.
- Armor type affects how protected you are against various kinds of weapons, also affects agility in combat.
- Numerous interactive NPCs who offer quests and can provide information such as which characters they saw recently.
- Your actions affect your reputation in the different cities, which in turn affects how NPCs act towards you.
- An introduction/remember system that lets you choose which name you want to be known by or wish to remember someone else by.
- Complex language system with unique languages for each race. You can make out more words the higher your skill in that language.
- Race has a major impact not only on roleplay, but on how you play your character and what skills he/she is best at. Tshaharks are strong and make excellent warriors, while halflings are less powerful, but more nimble and better at sneaking.
- You are able to "search" rooms for hidden exits and items, can look at and interact with specific items in a room, as well as hide yourself or an item in a particular location.
- Road system lets you "follow" roads between towns, or you can navigate them yourself.
- Crafting system allows you to do anything from mining and lumbering to creating your own books.
- Layman guilds allow you to make potions, learn magical songs, write books and magic scrolls.
- Occupational guilds stand for different principles and enable you to learn specialized skills, use special armor, and gain like-minded allies. Become a cleric of one of three gods, fight evil as a Crusader, become a Ranger, Shaolin martial artist, and more.

You do have to invest quite a bit of time to improve your character's skills. You won't become an awesome warrior overnight. On the other hand, you can choose what skills you want to work on, so you don't have to practice fighting if you'd rather be a scholar or a bard.

Some people may be daunted by the game's complexity, having to learn all the commands and the correct syntax. But players are more than willing to help you out, and you can learn just by observing other characters. The alias system is also useful for abbreviating commands. And, if you're used to Diku muds, there is an option to turn on Diku commands, so that you don't have to adjust to a whole new syntax.

Overall, Geas is a great mud with a lot to offer. Feel free to log on and explore it for yourself. port: 3333
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