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Heresy of the Skull - A Dark Ages: Vampire Chronicle

This is NOT an ad for another MUSH, this is an oWoD Dark Ages: Vampire game run on Google Wave. I myself play a scholastically inclined character there. The 'me' indicated in the text is the ST, not me. Further details below.

Heresy of the Skull

As a thriving port city, Acre hosts any number of visitors and residents from across the Mediterranean. With the constant comings and goings, Acre is able to support a much larger vampiric population then a more settled city could. The mortals of Acre owe much to the sailors and merchants that pass through their city: without them the undead would surely have drained their mortal cousins dry long since.

The events of recent nights have plunged the undead society of Acre into unrest. From the deserts to the west, a new group of supposed holy men calling themselves the Order of the Black Trinity emerges. This Order claims to have discovered the very Skull of Abel himself and what this could mean in the greater scheme of things is for anyone to guess.

Perhaps drawn by the rumors of such a great and holy (or unholy) artifact, the vile Baali have infiltrated the city and several of the vampires of Acre have disappeared. Two neonates were burned alive in their haven by an Infernalist, another was kidnapped by a blood witch leading a cult of mortal thugs. The Sheriff herself has been revealed as an agent of the Devils and a blood hunt called upon her. The young vampires of Acre band together to protect themselves from the greater evils that haunt the nights. Who else serves the Devil in this city and can they be unmasked before more vampires fall to Hellfire and Final Death?

World Background
The night is stalked by many wicked things, not all of which are the same.

From the Holy Lands come the Cainites, the most numerous of the vampiric races. These vampires divide themselves into the eight Clans ofCaine: Assamite, Brujah, Cappadocian, Lasombra, Malkavian, Salubri, Toreador and Ventrue. Some count the upstart Tremere bloodline among the Clans of Caine, though in fact they are magical hybrids created from the blood of the Upyri and Cainites combined.

The vampires of Europe are considered more feral and bestial than their Cainite cousins and to some degree this may be true. All three European breeds display a startling affinity for beasts. The Tzimisce, Nosferatu and Gangrel lines, native to Europe, are the Uypri. Though their blood is similar to that of the Cainites, there are differences.

Vampires are known to exist in the lands of Asia, though only one of these mysterious bloodlines has ventured far enough to be known byname: the Ravnos. Rare and elusive, little is known of their nature or their powers.

The wicked and secretive Followers of Apophis are an unknown quantity. Some say they are a forgotten Clan of Caine, others say they are one of the African Laibon bloodlines, or they may be a unique species of vampire all their own, peculiar to the land of Egypt.

The Cainites are standard vampires as presented in the Dark Ages Vampire book. The other races, well, their players will be informed as to their differences as necessary.

Character Sheets
Please download one of Mr. Gone's editable PDF sheets and send it to me in a private Wave where we will keep track of your character. Characters are generated using standard DA:V creation rules.

The Beginning
Your characters have been undead anywhere between 1 and 10 years and alive for some reasonable time prior to that. How, when and why you arrived in Acre is up to you, but all characters have been in Acre for at least several weeks, long enough to set up a haven and become aware of the city's troubles.

The Game
The game is run via Google Wave, which if you aren't aware, is sort of like E-mail meets Facebook meets a Forum meets Twitter. I have more than enough invitations to the beta for anyone who wants to join the game but isn't currently on Wave (though, for now, anyone can register). It's no harder to learn to use than Facebook is, so don't worry about technical issues.

Time-wise, the game is pretty haphazard, with individual and small group scenes running concurrently to the Major Scenes. There are no scheduled play times, things simply work out as people are around. It can take some getting used to, but it works out pretty well so far.

The ST's Googlewave ID is My own is
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