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Hello All


I'd like to start with a little bit about me, Derek.

I'm a 21 year old male from NE Missouri. I have a wife, two kids (a boy, Austin, and a girl, Alyzabeth), a house, a car, and a MUD to call my own. I enjoy mudding, scripting, managing my mud, reading (Wheel of Time, LoTR, Dragon Lance, and a few other series), writing, and spending time with my family.
My home mud is and will always be WoTMUD, where I play Dare, a member of the Gleeman Council, Acea a member of the Lion Warden, Abner a member of the Valon Guard, Warren a Forrester, Rayne a Novice in the White Tower, and a few untainted Male Channelers.
I attempted to become a Builder/Watcher with WoTMUD, and while I do not blame them I decided to learn to build on my own. I went to the people at TBAMUD to learn how to do just that. I spent six months with them before I downloaded one of their releases of their code bases, and decided follow my own path and make a mud unlike any I've played before.

About my mud.

DareMUD, A TBAMUD code based off of CircleMUD that was developed from DikuMUD, launched Jan 31st 2010, and is run off of Home PC, was originally designed as the MUD that my high school mudding friends had always spoke of making. After a few weeks all of the original designers left, ll but me that is.
I was left with 30 some zone city, zone size ranged from just a few rooms 15 or so up to s full zone of 99 rooms. The city being to massive, and with no one to help me. In mid August I removed all of those 30 zones, well all but two. A maze of my own creation and a petting zoo that I had spent nearly a month building and scripting.
I started over from the ground up. I currently have 4 cities, each with only 33 rooms, 10 of which are Clan rooms. 4 gate rooms, 2 bars, 2 unique shops, a rent, and a few secret rooms for players to find later. Also I have 3 other zones outside of the city, a zone that is road that surround and connect all 4 of my cities. A zone that makes up the space between the cities. As well as a Newbie Exp zone, level 1-7. I have mapped out and and build three other Exp zones that have not been added to the world map, level 7-13, 14-21 and 21-30, or something close to that anyway.
DareMUD is, in idea at least a MUD unlike any other, it's not just another hack and slash MUD. It is going to be a MUD with more mob interaction then you can shake a stick at, and extra descriptions the way that extra descriptions should be. A place where a little splash of color goes a long way. No rainbow colored items that hurts your eyes to look at, and not just another black and white MUD.
While DareMUD does have the original zones from TBAMUD's release, such as The Realm of Midgaard, none of these zones are accessible by normal means. While DareMUD grows these rooms with surely disappear but the triggers, and mobs that were created within the, will remain in one for or another.
I had a few friends that were assisting me in the building of DareMUD before the deleting of the 28 zones that I spoke of before. All of them have either desided that Building was not for them, taken a break from MUDs, or have lost their internet connection due to one reason or another.
I am always looking for more Builder, or even just people to stop in and give me a few pointers/ideas. If anyone is interested in joining the DareMUD Imm staff, or just wants to learn more about DareMUD, please send me an email at, and I will reply to you at my earliest convenience.
All DareMUD Imms will be given one zone to do with as they please, 1 zone = 100 rooms, 100 objects, 100 mobs, 100 shops, and 100 triggers. I do not require a minimum weekly login. I do not place time requirements on assigned tasks. I only ask that you don't just disappear and offer your input and advise.

Find up on facebook: DareMUD
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Re: Hello All

Welcome to TMS, Dare!

Sounds like you've been working hard on your mud. Have fun!
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Re: Hello All

Hello Dare,

Good luck on your project!
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