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Rom 2.4 Seeks Building & Admin Help!

Greetings again all,

I'm addressing you again, asking for some builders for my ROM Mud. I'm looking to work with some mature adults, willing to create a world THEY want to play in. I've been working on my code for a few weeks now, and have gotten in a few fun features for a game.

- Automated Auction House
- Modified Clan System (Including Ranks w/ Mortal Leaders and Patron Immortals)
- A menu based creation system, allowing you to 'go back' and change something in the process if you so choose.
- my Own arena Code
- Dual Wielding

The list will increase. As you login, use the 'changes read' command to read them, and you can even add a suggestion, by using addchange!

Things I'm planning on Implementing:

- Player Owned Houses, built and designed by the player themselves.
- Player Run Shops. Not sure if this will be from your inventory, and make you a wandering salesman, or if you will be able to purchase a location, and sell things when your even offline. Possibly both.
- Gambling Systems. You will be able to visit some Casinos throughout the game. The games will range from Slots to Texas Hold'em. (This will obviously come later, when more 'entertainment' is needed)
- A fully automated Tournament system using my arena code.

And really, anything fun that can come to mind. Kind of want to create an environment to just log on and play if you wish. Don't have to level...don't have to quest...

You could make your primary goal on this MUD to own 10 shops, and have more gold than you can shake a stick at. Maybe you want to be the end all Arena Master (Bets are also allowed in the arena, which Contenders will have a piece of)

Again, I could go on forever on the things I WANT To add, and the things that WILL go in. All of the previous ideas are just that; ideas. Ideas can change and evolve, and I hope you will be the one who helps me make those decisions.

I'm not looking for any coders, but if you want to chat w/ me about the code, that is perfectly fine. I just don't have any desire to have someone else in my code. As far as 'positions' go, Immortals are Immortals on my MUD. Obviously there is a hierarchy, and people do have seniority, but when it comes down to it, I want a team. I will appoint someone in charge of assigning and validating areas, but they will not be 'in charge' of anything other than merely helping me out.

Not trying to say you won't have any authority. I just don't want arguing, or people trying to fight over a position. Your contributions will determine your authority.

Sorry for the extended post, and I know I can go on rants sometimes on stuff off topic, but I'd hope this post was enough to peak your interest.

I'll also make this clear again...


I DO HAVE A LIFE!!!! I won't be online at all times, but I do log on periodically to check, even during those times I'm not available. I'm always poking my head in to see if someone is around, but the BEST way to contact me is VIA AOL Instant Messenger, E-Mail, or stay on the MUD. Post me a note on one of the boards.

I'm a busy guy, and I try to squeeze in whatever time I get. Just ask for a little patience.

Thank you
Phate (Andrew Tolmasoff) port 5500

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