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Black Sands MUD is recruiting Staff

Black Sands MUD is currently recruiting role-play and support-level staff members who have experience in role-play enforced environments. We are looking for two to three members who will help support the game world by facilitating RP and by helping out with building projects (Items/npcs).

We are currently not looking for any coders.

If interested, please fill out our application, located presently at:

Black Sands MUD is transitioning to a new hosting solution and isn't currently online, we are posting in advance to acquire staff for our opening.

Black Sands MUD has been in development for three years and was forced to close for some time due to financial and other responsibilities elsewhere.

We generally do not recruit out of our playerbase but we are looking with open eyes and ears at the MUD community in general.

Thanks for your time.

- Shade

Black Sands MUD - Founded in September of 2007
is a Role-Play Enforced MUD running the Project
Argila code, derived from Shadows of Isildur.
The project has been heavily modified from its original
condition and the world is all original.
Come and join in on the action where a sieging
army of Mora - The dreaded creatures created by
the Dark Warlord and the Hellish Tarpits, attempt to strike
the city on almost a daily basis, fighting their way closer
and closer to victory. Will you fight off the invasion
and become victors, bringing peace to the land or should
you fall and become slave to the enemy so hated that
most would rather kill themselves than suffer under the
Dark Warlord, it's up to you to decide the fate of
Bal-Travas, the small outpost in which you will
reside, build and fortify your defenses and bring
the Morian armies down, rise up and expand into
the wastes, create a city or fall and have everything
you know destroyed, only to be rebuilt again. With
player driven plots like those mentioned above, you
are sure to influence the world around you in ways
never thought of before. An in-depth karma/respect
system will ensure that NPCs act accordingly to your
status in areas of the game and that by doing certain
activities, your karma may be altered and the same NPCs
you spoke to earlier may now become your enemies because
you killed their child Your fate is up to you, you decide.
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