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Exclamation OtherSpace: Casting Call!


We’re looking for new players to fill the following critical roles in the Orion Arm/Milky Way galaxy portion of the OtherSpace multiverse:

* Stellar Consortium Council members: We need representatives from key worlds, including Earth, Mars, Sivad, Luna, G’ahnlo, Castor, Centauri, and Demaria. We’re not too worried about having more than one person in these roles, as they can serve as alternates/backups for each other.

* City Officials: We’re looking for people to fill roles as bureaucrats and career specialists who manage the cities of San Angeles on Earth and Queen City on Sivad.

* Police: We need crime scene investigators and detectives in the San Angeles Police Department.

* Fringe Dwellers: We’d like to find people who are interested in playing smugglers, pirates, or legitimate cargo haulers who just want to make better money working the shadier angles.

Incentive Package:

For any of these roles:

* 2,500 bonus Saga Points after approval.

* Special badge for Casting Call respondents, granting a 25 Saga Point bonus to the character’s monthly payouts.

* Three Tier 1 Skeleton Card action cards, which grant a +3 modifier to any skill you’re rolling for during a refereed scene.

For Consortium Council members:

* Personal shuttle.

* Office in Consortium Headquarters.

For city officials:

* Personal apartment.

* Three Tier 1 action cards of your choice.

For police:

* Personal apartment.

* Sidearms and armor.

For Fringe dwellers:

* Small freighter (you pick the name and you can customize the room descriptions)

Connect to the MUSH at port 1790 or submit a biography using our website at Biography Submission |
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