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Alter Aeon Updates - July 2012

Hello all,

Here are some of the major updates we've made to Alter Aeon over the
last month:

Four new high level areas have been added:

- A new area has been released in the outer planar fire world below fire giants.
- A new part of the plane of darkness has been released.
- The rock gnome caves and the great trench have been opened west of Vandar.

General skill and spell improvements:

- Allow hallowed ground to be used in more places.
- The thief lock picking skill has been improved by a change to the way locks are handled.
- Remove poison if your life was saved by prayer for the dying.
- Most hand to hand warrior skills can now hit ethereal mobs if you're wearing equipment with an elemental damage type.

Even more new warrior skills have been added:

- Add a new warrior skill, 'jab' at level 6 warrior.
- Add a new warrior skill, 'riposte', at level 11 warrior.
- Add a new warrior skill, 'pommel strike' at level 14 warrior.
- Add a new warrior skill, 'rally' at level 16 warrior.
- Add a new warrior skill, 'charge', at level 17 warrior.

Convenience and general improvements:

Improvements to clan arenas.

A lot more MSP sounds have been added.

There is a new 'autobrew' command for mages and thieves who brew a lot of potions. This should help make brewing potions, poisons, and antidotes a lot easier. Normal brewing spam is also reduced with this update.

There has been a major rework of the blind player map command in the game. This version tells more about the surrounding terrain, as well as the location of nearby places of interest. You have to explore a place for it to show up on the map.

We've added an 'autocount' option which displays counts of the items in carried containers when you look in them. You can also use the new counting mode on other containers by adding the -acount keyword.

Happy playing!


Alter Aeon MUD
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