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Saiyan Invasion Event!

The Saiyans have landed in Dragonball Evolution! Raditz is in command of a Saiyan strike force intent on conquering Planet Earth. Pods filled with Saiyan warriors are crashing on the planet's surface, but Raditz's progress is being watched closely by General Nappa and Prince Vegeta. All the while during this planetary invasion, an ancient breed of the Saiyan race has emerged from deep underground to reclaim the Planet Vegeta's surface from the ruling Saiyans. A Saiyan civil war looms on the horizon of the Great Desert of Vegeta, and a Truffle Scout watches the whole thing from his vantage point to the west. Experience the thrill of combat and the story of the Saiyan Invasion.

This event has both scripted quests and admin-controlled content that will last for an extended duration. The content encourages player collaboration for group bosses and waves of Saiyan attackers. There is also a PvP-encouraged Saiyan boss that may be triggered to spawn in one of the PK Zones! Collecting rare trophies from the event goes toward finally unlocking the Saiyan race as an unrestricted, playable race for all the MUD!

Hold on to any Ancient Saiyan Artifacts, Saiyan Crown Jewels, and Saiyan Elite General's Seals you come across. Accumulating a set amount of these items in total will trigger the unlocking of the Saiyan race!

Don't miss out on this epic event!
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