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Need a New Addiction? (MultiMud!!)

Want a good Mud? Multi has been around since 1995... its a well founded Mud. I've seen a number of newer ones that try to start up but never seem to get past Beta stage. So the age (and my personal well as my friends..) makes me feel comfortable we aren't going away.

I personally started about 2000 - 2001 so you could say its somewhat addicting. There are folks on the game who have been around longer and those a lot less.

Over those years numerous new zones have been created or enlarged to make sure we get new areas to explore, new quests to work on, new ways to get ourselves killed

The game has 17 different races (1 made more for advanced players) and 4 starter classes. (warrior/thief/mage/cleric) At level 60 you can remort and then pick a 2nd class... so once you have fully finished your char there a choice of 16 classes.

For an idea on stats and how ones score works, I copy/pasted this:
__________________________________________________ _____________________
/_\=\ \=\
// \|=| |=|
||/||=| Brashen, a 51 years old Male Halfelf from Midgaard. |=|
||\//=/ /=/
|\_/=/__________________________________________________ ________________/=/
|-| |-|
|-| Level: 60 Degrees: 34 (max:36 ) Rank: the Cut-Throat |-|
|-| Align: Black as Death Exp: 23031653 Exp TNL: 1968347 |-|
|-| God: Nihilistic Surveillance Agency |-|
|-| Hit Points: [ 692/ 692] Armor: armored |-|
|-| Mana Points: [ 145/ 145] Damroll: A frightening entity |-|
|-| Move Points: [ 400/ 400] Hitroll: A blind novice |-|
|-| Spellfocus: Expert caster |-|
|-| Total Kills: [ 7332] Evil: [ 1319] Good: [ 4609] Neutrl: [ 1404] |-|
|-| Heroes Slain: [ 66] in Lawful: [ 57] in Lawless: [ 9] |-|
|-| Total Deaths: [ 681] Deathtraps: [ 0] Environment: [ 3] |-|
|-| Stones: [ 350] Quest Points: [ 7] (Max: 7) |-|
|-| Gold: [ 67785] Bank: [ 1120998] |-|
\-\_________________________________________________ __________________/-/
\================================================= ====================/

(and that death tally? yah...I sorta have #1 slot in most deaths... we got a loser board to keep up with that...)

(you can buy scrolls of identify to get an even more in depth look at your stats such as hit/dam...and to id your equipments stats)

sadly...its not a perfect fit onto the advertisement page but still offers a good idea.

There are also several clans you can join with different purposes...
Paladins (the good guys)
Rangers (exploration)
Mockers (get the money)

and more...

You can choose to worship a deity..

The game has a relaxed roleplay to it ...basically if you want to RP go for it...but its not something you are pressured to do

We have different styles of zones... we have sci-fi area with different planets and different ways to get to them...

we have continents with large number of zones...
ever wanted to enter smurf village?
visit blackbeard the pirate?
confront Zeus?
Go see Lucifer and his Demons?
See what Boba Fett is up to?
Go back to the days of dinosaurs?
Kill the lag?

Countless...upon countless in fact... other wonders to see...

We have a group on facebook, a webpage ( twitter ... so no chance of not being able to keep in contact with others

So come on over and visit... toss us a howdy on the newbie channel... and see just how friendly we are

Want to check us out? Website again is:
Connect right away?: host: Port: 4242
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