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Arrow Distant Lands port 23

Welcome to the harrowing,

I didn't stop by to give you a heralded welcome or bid you salutations to a place such as a utopia ( a world that sounds too perfect to exist). Instead I came to invite you to the nightmare that dwells within each of us. There are many games out there; some say that MUDS are even on their downward spiral in trendiness. Yet I beseech each of you to explore the chasms within your own coffers and welcome in the age of the dystopia.

I'm not particular of ifs. We've all grown accustomed to our own MUDS' skills, proficiencies, combat techniques, spells, and differentiated amounts of coding. However, I've been privileged enough to learn my regiments of playing in one of the finest that have existed. It's FREE, which in my opinion is better than forcing a RP or paying someone to conduct one. The best minds have never gathered in a cesspool of paying for your pleasures. Only those who succumb to going to a brothel manage to enlist themselves amongst the whores.

Instead, I'm going to ask you to all stop your irrational senses and give tribute to the place that has yet to have it's champions. Sure, our avatars have came and went, they've all died under the perjuries of their falsehoods. Like all mortals things come and go in a blaze of fire and ice.

Too few have gathered to form their ranks here, none remain dominant, and the worlds as decrepit wasteland. However, this state of affairs should interest everyone to hurry the tides of a distant land. This world is immaculate, you could spend years trying to unfold its secrets. So without further adieu or any strings attached, nor any semblance of impunity I beseech you to tether your clients to my homeland. Visit the realm where anything and everything that could possibly go wrong, in fact does.

I know you're not looking for a happy grotto filled with fluffy unicorns, I can tell you're more interested in the darker affairs of the psychosis that shatters like remnants in the dullest of hours. Yet, to what end do you insist to achieve greatness. Do you wish to be a high numbered character on some mundane realm, or would you wish to achieve a status that we only attribute to legends.

Here the stories only unfold with your imagination, we are the things that go bump in the night; but don't test yourself if you're expecting free hand-outs and simple recognition. Instead come to us if you're ambitions are raised higher than the expectations of idle encounters. Bring a friend, for you'll need the support to work your way through the gruesome horrors that lie between you and victory. No legend ever made it alone, and perhaps that the point I wanted to communicate all along.

How often have you all logged into another mud searching for a home or place to exist and hoping it would be over-night success. Come here for those that dare, but your trials and tribulations will only blossom if you've a joy for picking up your own slack.

I look forward to the pleasure of meeting those of you brave enough to traverse my perverse wastelands.

-NINTRIN, servant of Distant Lands. Distant Lands
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Re: Distant Lands port 23

I tired out a character a bit. Seems fun. The only thing I could complain is the lacking of a map feature. I was using Mudlet, on a mac. Maybe your client for windows has a mapping feature already.
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Re: Distant Lands port 23

DL is by far the best MUD i've ever played. Matter of fact, it's better than the "roleplaying" app's that's out now.
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