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Achaea - Looking back and forwards to 2016!

2015 was a huge year in Achaea, starting right on January 1st with a massive update that saw all tradeskills split off from the classes they were previously part of. As a result, 9 classes got entirely new skills to replace those removed tradeskills.

As part of this, the various knight classes (Paladin, Runewarden, Infernal) got the ability to specialize in styles of fighting, from dual-wielding edged and blunt weapons, to big two-handed weapons, to sword & shield.

Other notable developments in 2015:
  • Battlerage was released! Adding a new dimension to hunting and six new abilities to each of of our 17 classes, adventurers now gain rage as they attack, which can then be focused into more powerful attacks to damage and afflict their prey.
  • Players can now take advantage of our new mining system! Seek out lodes, build a mine, and stock it with denizen legions to protect it! This isn't just a static resource system, though... other adventurers can attack your mines and take them over!
  • Each city in Achaea was transformed by a renaissance over the past year, bringing about new roleplay-focused houses! Intimately linked to each city, these organisations are no longer restricted in which classes they accept, bringing a new level of depth to the roleplay environment.
  • Multiclass was implemented! Imagine yourself slaying monsters as a steadfast Paladin, then sheathing your swords and pummelling your foes with your fists moments later as a Monk! It's now possible!
  • We're in the middle of a massive overhaul to ships and seafaring. We've improved many aspects of the system, including sailing through chops, ship weapons and ammunition, with more to come!
  • Literally thousands of small tweaks have been made over the year, including many hundreds of player-submitted ideas!

2016 is going to be equally epic! You'll see some of the following happen in Achaea this year:
  • The ships and seafaring overhaul will continue to be a focus, adding in more participatory activities on the high seas, as well as continuing to refine and enhance all aspects of owning and operating a ship.
  • A new class is in the design stages! We're looking forward to bringing you a fresh new addition to the available player professions!
  • New conflict systems will be introduced, ranging from small, interpersonal clashes to large-scale battles, where houses and cities can wage war against one another, all with valuable resources at stake!
  • Building on the introduction of Battlerage, hunting, questing, and all aspects of PvE will continue to evolve, bringing new challenges and excitement to this arena! Discover new areas, unveil nefarious plots, and send those responsible to the Halls of the Endbringer.
  • Big upheavals and the return of ancient enemies will set events into motion, leading to massive changes across the Achaean landscape.

These are just a few of the reasons to play Achaea. No MUD on the planet has as much full-time staff working on making your experience great.

"Few virtual worlds with an immensely complicated combat system avoid being completely dominated by it -- Achaea is the best-known exception." -- Dr. Richard Bartle, the inventor of MUDs.
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