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Imperian Political Event

We recently had a very interesting event on Imperian that was well received and semi different.

Our purpose was to create a political event that did not revolve around PK or PvP at all. We wanted something RP centered, but also have clearly defined win and loss factors.

What we came up with was an event where each of our 6 player cities were given a remnant. After 7 days the remnant would explode, giving everyone in the city a negative stat malus that would last for 12 days.

City leaders could give the remnant to another city and would not suffer any negative effect after the 7 day time limit.

Alternatively, any city that collected 4 or more remnants would get a stat buff for 12 days.

The result was 7+ days of diplomacy. We saw threats, bargining, arguments, people quitting cities, politics, and more. In short, we saw a lot of great RP and a very exciting ending. Every city wanted to get all the remnants, but also did not want to risk getting stuck with the malus.

Here is out help file from the event with more details:

And here are some RP event news about it:
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