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Dear Everyone,

I have only consulted on a few occassions for MUDs, and when I have done so, they usually have a web-site established already.

When someone actually wants to have their own web-site, on their own domain (<yourMUD>.com), how do they go about doing it? Do they need to purchase it from those companies asking for $x.xx/per month? What about domain pirates I hear about?

Secondly, correct me if I am wrong, but I assumed that if you had your own server, you would have your own domain for that server. What keeps other people from having the same domain?

Hope someone can clear my confusion on this issue. :)

Best regards,

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To register your own domain name, you have to do so through a domain registration company (a 'registrar') or through a company affiliated with one. Once registered, no one else can register the same domain name. (see for more information)

Having a registered domain name is not a requirment to setting up your own server.

Further, many MUDs, rather than encurr the cost of a domain name (usually $8-$20/year), simply 'park' at whatever hosting company they employ. This gives you a mud name of say, ""

Certain mud hosting companies offer free domain names when you sign up for them. I know muddrake does, and I believe wolfpaw still does also.
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