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... please delete


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Re: Abandoned Game (astria) Need idea

Well, it is worth noting that without support for telnet, you'll be excluding the blind players. If there's any community that won't be leaving muds any time soon, it's the blind players. Yet somehow we still frequently get ignored. I know that Alter Aeon is at least half blind players by this point, and Wayfar 1444 had quite a few when I played.
The RPI muds seem to do well in terms of dedicated players; other muds have them, but the RPI muds tend to be the ones I see on the forums.
In terms of a setting, I wouldn't duplicate anything: copyright concerns aside, if you're not RPI then imho it's about gameplay features more than it is about trying to ride a franchise. Also, keep in mind that trying to borrow a video game setting means you're trying to attract players who are already clearly happy with graphical games.
If this isn't a personal learning project, well, get Unity and do something with Unity. A small indie game with Unity will probably have a lot more players. 90% of new muds might get above 10 players online, but that same 90% is going to be down to 2 or 3 in a few weeks. There are no new mud players, you're effectively trying to steal players from other muds. You can, but you have to be outright original in basically everything to do it. It isn't enough to be good anymore,, you have to be better than everyone else. That leaves learning to code and/or because you like muds as your motivation.
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