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Ok, was asked to post something about Eclipse of Fate so here goes..

  Tired of your MUD because of maybe too many people and not enough "closeness" that a decent playerbase has? Want a MUD that has a different way of doing things or even a totally orginal world? Then Eclipse of Fate might be for you.
 EoF offers some interesting things like :

** 16 races - most are familiar but, have stats changed to reflect their racial backgrounds thus making them balanced.

**14 guilds - most are divided into 2 guilds (ex. Fighter's and 2nd Fighters) thus helping to promote exploration. There's also a PK guild for those who wish to go that route and a hidden 14th guild.

**17 Classes - a unique class system that give more flexability to your character. When you go in, type "Help Class" to see more about it and to fully understand it (also because questions can be answered in-MUD than here faster. )

**Player run Clans - Players can concieve and create a Clan. Having a Clan includes 2 clan halls (both 5 rooms each), more rooms can be added on, clan shops, clan items, clan mobs, clan ranks, etc..

**Houses - not just the run of the mill houses either..3 choices : run down shack, middle class and nice 5 roomer anywhere on the continent. You can store things or party there. It's your house.

**PK Optional - Yep, PK is optional but once you go, you can have various PK levels..from just plain old PK to a Sadistic Murderer. Also, we have a bounty hunter system as well. Put a bounty out...get a bounty..send a hunter. Fun  fun fun for the PK crowd.

**RP Acceptable

**Friendly, Fair Staff - Yes, fair..even the "good" ones have gotten an occasional Zap (for 25% of their HPs) so the Imms are fair...and Friendly too.  If it's slow, dont be surpries if an Imm is chatting away with players in Common Square.

**Newbie friendly - well..more like player friendly because we are a friendly bunch of people. We'll try to help, w/out leading you around by the nose...

** 1000 available mortal levels! - As of this posting, one player, who's been with EoF for the longest time just hit level 1000 (Yea Alucard). Leveling is progressive which means at level 100 you might have to make 75K exp per level, but at level 300 it's 175K.

** Large, orginal world! With the high progressive levels, there has to be a huge world and EoF keeps you busy. We have 2 continents and both are quite large. There might be places that seem familiar, but in name only (Our Underdark isnt your father's Underdark..unless it got Mind Flayers and screaming fanatic females).

**Quests - From Imm run Quests to Autoquests and even mini-hidden quests, there's something to quest for (of course there's also player quests like "First person to bring me this item and I'll pay them 10X it's value") Some easy, some tough. All interesting.

**Help files - boy do we have them and if we dont..there's the (working..unlike some MUDs..) Idea command so you can reccommend it.

 I could go on and on and yes, a downside is the small playerbase (in a sense) but that smallness makes it cozy and more welcoming than say, being lost in a slew of players online.
  So stop by, give us a look around and try your hand at it for at least a few levels or even sit back and chat over a mug of ale (or espresso..yes, we have espresso you kawfee nutz   )
 We're at :  port 7777
 And if you see a 1/2 elf named Sargtlin, give him a wave, cause that's me.
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