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The Carrion Fields has been operating and evolving since 1994.  We have countless features available for you to play with, and outstanding customization options for your characters.  CF is a competetive PK mud, with well-balanced classes, races and cabals.  That said, however, I wont go into detail on those things for you here - every mud does that in their advertisements.  If you really want to learn about the specifics of playing at CF, visit our forums or log on and check it out.  Instead, I'll give you two simple reasons you should play Carrion Fields:

1. CF is the top-ranked MUD on both Top Mud Sites and The Mud Connector with enforced, mandatory roleplay.  If you want to be free from "Kewl, u want 2 level d00d?", CF is the place for you.  If you would prefer to chat about your new video card with your group while killing monsters, then please go play those other MUDs.

2. CF is free.  Not free as in "Free to log in then get beat around by the people who pay hundreds of dollars buying irrevokable perks for their characters."  I mean free as in "Real-life money has NO affect on gameplay in our world in any way, ever."

And those are the reasons you should give Carrion Fields a try.  I'm confident that once you do, you'll find our comprehensive helpfile system, acompanied by our newbie channel and helpful staff, will make getting into the CF style of MUDing a piece of cake.
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